Welcome to the J Michael Project!

What started out as an attempt as a business venture turned out to be more of something that brings me more joy than seeking monetary gain for services. What is that? My virtual sofa! Yeah, that’s right, this site is my sofa to get my thoughts out. My platform to share random things. Things such as video clips, blogging, photography, and whatever else that comes to mind.

This site has been a great platform for me to be expressive, for me to find ways to be creative, and has allowed me to find out that when combined I am a pretty decent writer/blogger. I am looking to increase my readership by sharing the insights of Mike and my mind. Please, do yourself a favor and view those two subjects not as one, but as separate¬†entities. However, look at it in a positive way. Or you can look at it in the way that my first manager at Progress Energy saw me her words…

You are a dichotomy

I can tell you, now she did not see me as anything positive – it actually makes me laugh. However do not be like her, be that person that approaches things with an open-mind. Be able to find the uniqueness out of the creativity that comes from things on this site!

Don’t be blind, think outside of yourself!

Enjoy the site, let me know how you feel about my posts or other content on the site. If you would like to contribute to the site let me know and we can discuss. If you would like to see my add certain content, again, let me know and we can discuss!

I can be reached here Michael.Long@thejmichaelproject.com.

Uplifting the Community One Project at a Time!
Michael Long